SHE Policy
    OSTCHEM basic principles in the field of labor and environmental protection

  • Environment, human life and health are our most valuable treasures. Being in contact with the land, nature and basic human needs OSTCHEM makes every effort to ensure that group's activities enrich the natural wealth bringing power and energy to be saved in the initial balance and diversity.

  • OSTCHEM actively implementing all international standards in the areas of safety, environmental management and quality control, aligning its production processes with all European and global norms (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001).

  • OSTCHEM proactive position is revealed through the targeted and consistent actions vectored towards the «SAFETY - HEALTH – ENVIRONMENT» paradigm


    The actions, processes, materials and manufacturing facilities as well as finished products and services should be as safe as possible in any respect. All possible safety measures implemented at OSTCHEM plants have their positive effects on human health and environment in general.


    At our plants we create the conditions minimizing health risks for our employees, customers, partners and people living near our production site.


    OSTCHEM approach is to render positive and rational influence on the environment, steadily minimize all harmful impacts and balance them through new technologies adoption as well as staff’s professional development and caring attitude towards nature fostering.

  • OSTCHEM enterprises regularly implement programs to improve the level of production safety and labor protection. The group"s operation essential condition is the compliance with all Ukrainian standards and legislation norms.