• Modernizing the port facilities we raise efficiency of our logistic system

  • «Specialized Seaport Nika-Tera», Ltd is a modern highly-mechanized port, the winner of the National Sea Rating of Ukraine in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

    The port joined OSTCHEM in 2011. Due to the group’s active investment strategy, Nika-Tera set two records in 2013 monthly cargo turnover (518.6 ‘000 tonnes) and in grain transshipment (375 ‘000 tonnes).

    «SSP Nika-Tera», Ltd, provides transshipment, storage, preparation and shipment of cargoes. Loading and unloading facilities of the port consist of three terminals each specializing in different types of cargo: mineral fertilizers, liquid cargo, grains etc. Development of Nikolayev region and formation of the high capacity transportation hub in the South Ukraine is one of the priorities of «SSP Nika-Tera» Ltd.

    The capacity of Nika-Tera
    15 million tonnes per year

  • Planned specifications of Nika-Tera Port

  • 11 piers are more than 2 500 r.m. long

    The length of access and interior roads is about 20 km

  • Today «SSP Nika-Tera», Ltd has facilities to accept and work up vessels with deadweight capacity of up to 70 000 tonnes.

    The loading of a vessel with 1 500 tonnes of urea per one hour (while the port can store up to 50 000 tonnes of urea) became possible due to adoption of new technology of receiving dry fertilizers from rail transport. The capacity of the Port granaries has increased from 40 ‘000 tonnes to 210 ‘000 tonnes which has raised cargo turnover of the grain terminal up to 6 million tonnes per year.

  • Grains

    210 000 tonnes

    Mineral fertilizers

    175 000 tonnes

    Open storages (bulk)

    180 000 tonnes