Key facts
  • OSTCHEM is one of the largest nitrogen fertilizer producers. The group’s share on the global market is more than 3%


    OSTCHEM exports its products to over 100 countries

    3rd rank

    in terms of nitrate production capacities

    4 thrank

    in terms of ammonia production capacities

    12th rank

    in terms of urea production capacities


  • Convenience and reliability of fertilizer supplies are ensured through the group’s distribution network and permanent enhancement of logistic capacities.

    28 warehouses

    The largest distribution network in Ukraine

    Nika-Tera Specialized Seaport yearly throughout capacity is

    15 million tonnes


  • The compliance of the production processes with the international standards (ISO) provide consumers with the wide range of the highest quality products.

  • Our product range
    numbers over 70 items

    The manufacturing processes at OSTCHEM enterprises are certified by ISO.

  • OSTCHEM is Ukrainian major employer

  • OSTCHEM corporate social responsibility programs realization contributes to the new workplaces creation and welfare improvement in the regions where the group operates.

  • Over 23 thousand people

    are employed at the groups’ plants

  • Investments and development

  • Production facilities modernization and new business directions development is the core of OSTCHEM long-term investment strategy

    million UAH

    1 158
    million UAH

    million UAH


    2010 year

    2011 year

    2012 year